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NEW COFFEE PARTNER - Perfect coffee accessories to your portafilter coffee machine can be used as a substitute for the coffee knock box or the tamping mat.
HIGH QUALITY - It is unusual to hold real solid wood in your hands and you can feel the value immediately. Even with high "compression pressure", the coffee tamper stand is very stable and helps perfectly with espresso production.
ESPRESSO ART - Pulling a perfect shot of espresso is an art. The Espresso Tamper Holder brings a great mood to the coffee-making ceremony. This should be a standard item in your espresso accessories.
STABLE AND SKID RESISTANT - Using silicone pads which give the tamping station a firm hold on the worktop and make it fit the normal portafilter or bottomless portafilter.
EASY TO CLEAN AND REUSABLE - The opening for the portafilter is open downwards so that when something gets wet or dirty, only the worktop need to be cleaned. Makes your coffee corner look more beautiful and clean.

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