grinder from long plus
Nowadays the most used coffee makers are caps devices, but if you go to any bar or restaurant you will find express machines, where natural coffee beans just ground are used and for this reason I bought this grinder, because I have an express machine at home and I like the coffee just ground. This model has a very good design and is very easy to use. You only have to introduce the beans of coffee into the container where blades are. You will find an indicator of max capacity. After putting the beans, you can close the container with the cover and that’s all. Push down the cover and grinder will start working. In a couple of seconds you will have ground coffee. After that, for cleaning rest of ground coffee you can use the brush included. Is very easy. I didn’t try yet, but you can use this grinder with nuts too, I should try that.. Cons: As cons, I could say that the container is small and you have to make some rounds if you want to create a great quantity of ground coffee, but for me is not a great problem because I normally must do coffee for 1 or 2 persons. Pros: As good points I could highlight, the good design, the light weight, the easy way of using and the good results with a perfect ground coffee.
Angel, CA