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Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues.
PREMIUM COFFEE DRIPPER – Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, precisely brewed for better and fresher taste; premium coffee brewing tool for a superior coffee experience that makes every cup special
ULTIMATE BREWING CONTROL – This clever coffee dripper allows you to customize every cup of coffee: control the taste, strength, temperature, water ratio; pinpoint control for true coffee lovers
GORGEOUS ARTISAN DESIGN – Brilliant design is attractive and functional; glass coffee maker includes polished wood collar for safe pouring and leather tie; gorgeous looks for sophisticated kitchens
MESH MICRO FILTER - Our best quality stainless steel filter with holes in the metal and mesh micro filter, will not let even fine ground coffee through so you can enjoy the perfectly brewed cup of coffee

The high-quality borosilicate glass we used has a coefficient of expansion of 3.3 has the physical and chemical properties up to the German DIN standard and the American ASTM-E438 Class A standard, which is equivalent to the Cornish PYREX-7740 glass.
One of the heat-resistant glass products - chemical stability. low expansion coefficient, high temperature impact is the most remarkable feature of this glass products. Our glass products have a temperature adaptation difference of minus 200-zero above 800 degrees, any glass products can be directly heat directly on a fire or microwave oven.
Our experiments show: all our glass products, directly heated to 300 degrees on a direct fire without liquid, will not burst while placed in cold water or ice water.

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